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Excellence in Youth Development (CDE)


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Over 20 years of developing young minds.

Our Mission

To empower our youth through education to achieve excellence and success in their lives, to inspire and prepare them to become future leaders of their communities, and to teach them how to work together to create positive change in their lives and in the world.

2023 California Youth Think Tank Scholars

The California Youth Think Tank (CYTT) is an award-winning youth leadership training program that selects and brings together bright and motivated youth from diverse backgrounds and communities, trains and empowers them to become future leaders, and teaches them how to work together to create positive change in their community and our society.  Students from over 250 schools have participated in this enriching, life-changing educational experience.  Students are taught by a dedicated team of educators, counselors, and college mentors who evaluate their progress and prepare them for success in college and beyond.

Our Philosophy

For over 20 years, our organization has worked to create opportunities for diverse youths to achieve success and create positive change in their communities. At the Young Center, we believe that young people are our future leaders. And so, we empower our youth with the critical knowledge, skills and guidance they will need to succeed.


We believe that education is a powerful tool that can transform lives and help level the playing field in society.

Moral Character

We believe that moral character development is foundational and should be part of every child's educational experience.


We believe that service is a moral obligation for every person, in order to make the world more equitable and inclusive.


We believe that no child, regardless of difference, should be denied the opportunity to realize his or her full potential for success in life.

“If we expect our youth to become the future leaders of our society, we must begin now to prepare them for that purpose and provide them with opportunities to lead.”

William A. Young


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