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The Young Center | 6709 La Tijera Blvd., Suite 614 | LA, CA  90045 | P: 310-670-8500 | F: 310-670-9800 |


When I look at the young people who come out of the Young Center, I see our next generation of leaders.
Sandra Evers Manley
Vice President
Northrop Grumman

An exceptionally inspiring program that celebrates our youth for their strengths and abilities.

Jack O’Connell
Supt. of Public Instruction 
CA Dept. of Education

The Young Center represents an incredible opportunity for young people to realize their infinite potential to change the world around them.

Dr. L Gayle Garrett
LA Unified School District

The Young Center for Academic & Cultural Enrichment is a nationally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2000 as a training model for the development of America’s future leaders.  Winner of a distinguished Award of Excellence in Youth Development, the organization inspires and prepares youth (ages 12-18) to achieve success in college, business and life.  The Young Center’s youth leadership training model is considered “one of the most effective of its kind in the nation” and its program alumni have been accepted at over 70 U.S. colleges and universities to date.   Learn more